Chix Stack Mars

This is the result of digitally stacking four sketches of Mars, from 8/9/2003 at approximately 11:30pm PDT.

The sketches are by Jane Houston Jones (7" AP, San Jose), Pam Gonzales (8" f/6 newtonian, San Jose), PJ (6" SkyView Pro, Los Angeles), and Akkana Peck (8" f/6 newtonian, San Jose).

Central Meridian is roughly 225. Main features shown are the south polar cap, Mare Cirrenium and Mare Tyrrhenum, with Syrtis Major rotating in on the lower right.

[4 stacked Mars sketches]

Sketches were rotated/flipped as necessary and stacked using the GIMP.

Here are the individual images:
Jane PJ
[Jane Mars] [PJ Mars]
Pam Akkana
[Pam Mars] [Akk Mars]

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