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(being a collection of papers, tips, and links Akkana considers to be worth sharing with the world).

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I also write up lots of quick tips in the Linux, Tech and Programming sections of my blog: see Shallow Thoughts: Tags "linux" or for a complete listing of titles, the Shallow Thoughts Archives. And I keep some of my configuration files online in case they're useful to anyone.

Some Linux-Related Presentations:

(Most of these took video and asked for slides, but they're not always easily findable on the sites.)

Older Articles (less useful now)

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Fun or useful little hacks I've discovered which aren't major enough to deserve a page of their own.




Some Cool Projects

The Open Source community is wonderful, and it's incredible what's out there -- the trick is finding it. I went literally years saying "I wish I didn't have to use Windows for printing photographs", not realizing that the wonderful gimp-print project was already printing photos better than my Windows drivers. So here are some cool but perhaps under-appreciated open source projects that I think everybody should know about. [What to do with the windows stickers you pull off]
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