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Sun, 25 Feb 2007

Slide Presentations in HTML and JavaScript

I've used HTML for presentations -- instead of open office, or magicpoint, or powerpoint -- for several years now.

I like using HTML because I can put my slides online and people can view them directly, without needing to download a whole presentation and run some kind of special viewer for it. It's also lightweight (the files are fairly small), I get to write in a language I already know pretty well, and Firefox is already installed on my laptop and works nicely as a presentation tool.

There are plenty of packages to generate HTML slides -- like S5. But they weren't very well developed when I first got interested in HTML presentations, so I rolled my own Javascript-based slideshow and have been gradually tweaking it ever since.

I've never tried to package up my presentation system; my setup is pretty simple (one javascript file, one CSS file, and the set of HTML slides), and I figure there are enough prepackaged setups around that there's no need for another one.

But I have been meaning to put a sample presentation online which describes how the system works and how to copy and adapt it. So here it is, a presentation about making presentations: Slide Presentations in HTML and JavaScript.

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