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Wed, 14 Jan 2009

Crikey 0.8

Mostly this week has been consumed with preparations for LCA ... but programming is a sickness. When you get email from someone suggesting something relatively simple and obviously useful, well ... it's simply impossible not to pull out that emacs window and start typing.

And so it was when I got a request for a backspace character in crikey. Of course backspace and delete seem like perfectly reasonable and useful characters to want; don't know why I didn't think of putting them in before. So I did.

But while I was in there, suddenly it occurred to me that it really wouldn't be much harder to let users specify any key by symbol. (Did I mention being a programmer is a sickness?) And then I realized that specifying control characters with a caret, like ^H, would also be quite useful. (Did I mention that ...)

So anyway, now there's a Crikey 0.8 and it's time to get back to packing and endless fiddling with my talk slides. Except, wait, I need to update my netscheme script to work right with the new laptop, and ...

Did I mention that programming is a sickness?

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