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Sun, 26 Sep 2010

GIMP Wallpaper script improvements

Dave was using some old vacation photos to test filesystem performance, and that made me realize that I had beautiful photos from the same trip that I hadn't yet turned into desktop backgrounds.

Sometimes I think that my GIMP Wallpaper script is the most useful of the GIMP plug-ins I've written. It's such a simple thing ... but I bet I use it more than any of my other plug-ins, and since I normally make backgrounds for at least two resolutions (my 1680x1050 desktop and my 1366x768 laptop), it certainly saves me a lot of time and hassle.

But an hour into my background-making, I started to have nagging doubts. I wasn't renaming these images, just keeping the original filenames from the camera, like pict0828.jpg. What if if some of these were overwriting images of the same name? The one thing my script doesn't do is check for that, and gimp_file_save doesn't pop up any warnings. I've always meant to add a check for it.

Of course, once the doubts started, I had to stop generating backgrounds and start generating code. And I'm happy with the result: warns and won't let you save over an old background image, but keeps all the logic in one dialog rather than popping up extra warnings.

[ overwrite warning dialog]

Now I can generate backgrounds without worrying that I'm stomping on earlier ones.

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