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Mon, 16 Nov 2020

Removed RSS 0.9.1 feed; Calendar Working Better

Fixing the Disqus comment system required regenerating the pages for old blog articles, to add the comment sections back. But doing that made me realize that the calendar wasn't right on a lot of pages.

This blog uses PyBlosxom, an excellent minimal blogging platform that is, unfortunately, no longer actively maintained. So I knew I couldn't count on anyone else fixing the calendar. I dug into the code and eventually found the problem, so I've regenerated all the blog pages and will be updating my PyBlosxom fork and sending a pull request upstream.

But while watching all those pages regenerate, I was struck by the three flavors of RSS generated for every page. It seemed excessive. I'm guessing that by now, anyone who's still using RSS (I certainly am!) can handle either Atom or RSS 2.0. So I've removed the RSS 0.9.1 feed. If you were using it, please update to the RSS 2.0 or Atom feed (see the links in the right sidebar).

If anyone was using RSS 0.9.1 and absolutely can't update to a newer format, drop me a line. If it turns out there was a good reason for supporting 0.9.1, I can put it back.

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Sun, 15 Nov 2020

Blog Comments should be working again

The Disqus comments here have been broken for quite some time, and I didn't realize it. I just thought nobody must interested in any of my alphabet topics. :-)

It turns out there were two problems.

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