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Sun, 15 Nov 2020

Blog Comments should be working again

The Disqus comments here have been broken for quite some time, and I didn't realize it. I just thought nobody must interested in any of my alphabet topics. :-)

It turns out there were two problems. First, when I upgraded to a version of PyBlosxom that works with Python 3 (the python3 branch of pyblosxom; I have a fork at akkana/pyblosxom), I didn't notice that there is now a built-in Disqus plugin. When I switched off the old Python 2 plugins, I hadn't set things up for the new plugin, so my comments section disappeared.

But even on older pages, comments weren't working. That's because earlier this year, I flipped the switch that makes redirect to https. (Honestly, I'm still not convinced that it makes sense to force everyone to use https for everything, even reading someone's blog; but I got tired of fighting the clear trend in that direction.) Unfortunately, the Disqus code I'd been using links to via http, so Firefox, at least, refused to load anything.

I think I have both of those fixed now; if you see a comments section below, then it's fixed. I still need to regenerate all the old pages to use https.

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