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Sun, 18 Jun 2023

I guess they figured the name made it right for Los Alamos. However, I question whether anyone really wants a vehicle that's an "IMPACT EDITION". ~/Images/2023/american-spring/PXL_20230619_003011740.jpg

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Like, Literally, Dude!

At our last Toastmasters meeting, I delivered a book report on a recent read that I loved: Like, Literally, Dude: Arguing for the Good in Bad English by Valerie Fridland.

In case you're not familiar with Toastmasters, it's an international club for learning and practicing public speaking. One of the skills Toastmasters stresses is avoiding what we call "filler words", particularly ums and ahs. Every Toastmasters meeting has someone assigned to the role of "Ah Counter", to pay attention to each speaker's filler words and report at the end of the meeting on how everyone did. That factors in to the book review, which went like this:

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