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Thu, 16 Jun 2011

Beginning Programming in Python course starting

I'm about to start a new LinuxChix course: Beginning Programming in Python.

It will be held on the Linuxchix Courses mailing list: to follow the course, subscribe to the list. Lessons will be posted weekly, on Fridays, with the first lesson starting tomorrow, Friday, June 17.

This is intended a short course, probably only 4-5 weeks to start with, aimed mostly at people who are new to programming. Though of course anyone is welcome, even if you've programmed before. And experienced programmers are welcome to hang out, lurk and help answer questions. I might extended the course if people are still interested and having fun.

The course is free (just subscribe to the mailing list) and open to both women and men. Standard LinuxChix rules apply: Be polite, be helpful. And do the homework. :-)

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