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Tue, 03 Aug 2004

gLabels is new and improved

Someone sent me mail asking about my CD label page, and that inspired me to fire up gLabels for the first time in a while. Debian has 1.93.3 (on sarge, anyway) and it's looking very nice! There's now a separate pane for object properties, which I'm not entirely crazy about (takes up a lot of screen space relative to using a dialog) but the most important thing is that the label outlines now draw even if covered by an image. That means that you can reasonably line up a CD label image with the template now, which makes my old patch to gimp-print much less needed.

The gimp-print patch might not be needed at all, if libgnomeprint could print with high quality. I wonder if that's coming? I haven't actually tried printing to see what the quality is like now. I should probably snarf the latest gimp-print and update my patch anyway.

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