Idiot gtk designers removing accessibility features (Shallow Thoughts)

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Mon, 12 Jul 2004

Idiot gtk designers removing accessibility features

Someone posted on #gimp his review of the new gtk2 file chooser, someone else pointed to the file chooser spec. I spent most of the afternoon angry. The file chooser has no text field to type in or paste a file path! What is it about the idiot gtk2 designers that they continually insist on removing accessibility features, like keyboard access, and moving everyone to a mouse-only form of interaction? Do they want to keep keyboard-only users from using their library? Are they getting kickbacks from doctors treating RSI injuries? Or are they actually Windows developers who want to make sure that linux is even less usable than Windows?

Sometimes I think that just about the time linux is getting usable, I'm going to have to find some other OS to use, because all the linux apps will have purged all accessibility features and it will be too painful to try to get any work done.


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