Linus vs. GNOME, part deux: Linus Sends Patches (Shallow Thoughts)

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Sat, 17 Feb 2007

Linus vs. GNOME, part deux: Linus Sends Patches

Remember a bit over a year ago when Linus Torvalds slapped GNOME for removing all their configuration options and assuming a "users are idiots mentality"?

Here's the latest installment.

Linus, challenged to "start a constructive dialog" by using GNOME for a while then giving a talk on his experiences, went them one better: he sent in patches to fix the usability problems he experienced.

An excerpt from his posting to the Desktop_architects list:

I've sent out patches. The code is actually _cleaner_ after my patches, and the end result is more capable. We'll see what happens.

THAT is constructive.

What I find unconstructive is how the GNOME people always make *excuses*. It took me a few hours to actually do the patches. It wasn't that hard. So why didn't I do it years ago?

I'll tell you why: because gnome apologists don't say "please send us patches". No. They basically make it clear that they aren't even *interested* in fixing things, because their dear old Mum isn't interested in the feature.

Do you think that's "constructive"?

and, later,
Instead, I _still_ (now after I sent out the patch) hear more of your kvetching about how you actually do everything right, and it's somehow *my* fault that I find things limiting.

Here's a damn big clue: the reason I find gnome limiting is BECAUSE IT IS.

Linus is back, and he's pissed. Go Linus!

Read more details in the story, or in Linus' actual email in the Desktop_architects list, where you can also follow the rest of the thread.

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