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Mon, 05 Jul 2004

midi/Timidity working!

Cool -- moray on #debian-women worked with me a little on midi, and I finally have timidity working!

The trick is that there's a tarball I downloaded a while ago (which means I no longer have the url, but I think it was linked from the main timidity site) which extracts into a timidity.cfg and an "instruments" directory (plus a couple of readmes that don't explain anything, which is why I hadn't unpacked this before). Turns out that if you put that .cf into /etc/timidity.cfg, then add a line that says

dir /usr/local/share/timidity
(or wherever you unpack the tarball, as long as it contains "instruments") then voila, timidity starts working.

That means not only that I can play .midi files (big whoop), but, more important, I can use all those programs like denemo that come in the education-music package, plus all the java music API stuff like the CA music code (for some reason, all these things output only midi!)

So I played with denemo a little (found out how to enter a chord) in brief spurts, between long interludes in the house because it's TOO HOT out here in the office.

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