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Tue, 10 Aug 2004

wvdial works better than kppp

Okay, that subject line isn't likely to surprise any veteran linux user. But here's the deal: wvdialconf in the past didn't support winmodems (it checked the four /dev/ttyN ports, but not /dev/modem or /dev/ttyHSF0 or anything like that) so in order to get it working on a laptop, you had to hand-edit the modem information in the file, or copy from another machine (if you have a machine with a real modem) and then edit that. Whereas kppp can use /dev/modem, and it's relatively easy to add new phone numbers. So I've been using kppp on the laptop (which has a winmodem, alas) for years.

But with the SBC switch to Yahoo, I haven't been able to dial up. "Access denied" and "Failed to authenticate ourselves to peer" right after it sends the username and password, with PAP or PAP/CHAP (with CHAP only, it fails earlier with a different error).

Just recently I discovered that wvdial now does check /dev/modem, and works fine on winmodems (assuming of course a driver is present). I tried it on sbc -- and it works. I'm still not entirely sure what's wrong with kppp. Perhaps SBC isn't actually using PAP, but their own script, and wvdial's intelligent "Try to guess how to log in" code is figuring it out (it's pretty simple, looking at the transcript in the log). I could probably use the transcript to make a login script that would work with kppp. But why bother? wvdial handles it excellently, and doesn't flood stdout with hundreds of lines of complaints about missing icons like kppp does.

Yay, wvdial!

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