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Tue, 04 Jan 2011

Fontasia v 0.5

[Fontasia, a font viewer and categorizer] I had a nice relaxing holiday season. A little too relaxing -- I didn't get much hacking done, and spent more time fighting with things that didn't work than making progress fixing things.

But I did spend quite a bit of time with my laptop, currently running Arch Linux, trying to get the fonts to work as well as they do in Ubuntu. I don't have a definite solution yet to my Arch font issues, but all the fiddling with fonts did lead me to realize that I needed an easier way to preview specific fonts in bold.

So I added Bold and Italic buttons to fontasia, and called it Fontasia 0.5. I'm finding it quite handy for previewing all my fixed-width fonts while trying to find one emacs can display.

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