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Tue, 01 Aug 2006

Javascript Warnings Everywhere

I'm working on some little Javascript demos (for a workshop at this summer's Get SET girls' technology camp) so I've had the Javascript Console up for most of my browsing over the last few days. I also have Mozilla's strict Javascript checking on (user_pref("javascript.options.strict", true); in prefs.js or user.js) since I don't want to show the girls code that generates warnings. (Strict mode also reports errors in CSS.)

It's been eye opening how many sites give warnings. You know that nice clean ultra-simple Google search page? One CSS error and one JS warning. But that's peanuts to the pages of errors I see on most sites, and they're not all missing "var" declarations. I have to hit the "Clear" button frequently if I want to be able to see the errors on the pages I'm working on.

And my own sites? Yes, I admit it, I've seen some errors in my own pages too. Though it makes me feel better that there aren't very many of them (mostly CSS problems, not JS). I'm going to keep the JS Console visible more often so I'll see these errors and correct them.

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