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Sun, 25 Jul 2004

XShapeCombineMask generates an Expose loop

I tried moonroot on blackbird today, under icewm for the first time. It went into an infinite expose/redraw loop. It turns out that XShapeCombineMask (the call that sets the shaped window's shape mask) generates an extra Expose, which of course happens asynchronously so disabling expose handling in the draw routine doesn't help.

What does help is maintaining a static variable to ensure that it only shapes the window the first time, and not on subsequent draws.

I also tweaked sonypid.c a bit -- 2.4.25 is generating two jogdial-release events whenever the machine resumes from bios suspend. But there's no jogdial-press event corresponding, so I fixed sonypid to ignore jogdial release unless there's already been a jogdial press (again, maintaining a static variable; I already had one so that it doesn't trigger a release after an UP+PRESSED or DOWN+PRESSED event, so I just had to tweak that code a little). That should eliminate that annoying paste that was happening every time I resumed from suspend.

Wish sonypi would quit changing, though I shouldn't complain since it's also good to see that it's still being worked on.

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