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Tue, 06 Mar 2007

Pho 0.9.5-pre5

Pho's been static for a long time -- it's been working well enough that I keep forgetting that there were a couple of bugs that need fixing for a 0.9.5 release.

I had some time tonight, so I dug in and fixed the bugs I remembered: some issues with zooming in and out, a bug with aspect ratio when switching out of fullscreen mode, and the fact that Note 0 didn't work.

While I was at it, I added an environment variable, PHO_ARGS, where you can preset your default values. I find that I always want -p (presentation mode), so now I can specify that with PHO_ARGS=p, and use pho -P when I want window borders. I also updated the man page.

I'll test this for a little while and if nobody finds any serious bugs, maybe I can finally release 0.9.5.

Get Pho here.

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