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Thu, 22 Mar 2007

Pho 0.9.5 Released

Pho 0.9.5-pre5 has been working nicely since I released it two weeks ago. And meanwhile, I've already started working on the next version. So I've released it as 0.9.5 with no changes (except for version string and some updates to the documentation and debian config files).

I made a .deb on Ubuntu Edgy, but haven't actually tested it yet (anyone who sees problems, please let me know) and I'll try to make a straight Debian package on Sarge sometime soon.

So what's this stuff I've been working on for the next version? Image categorization. I shoot so many photos, and categorizing them by keyword can be a lot of work. Although Pho's "Notes 0 through 9" are helpful for a small number of notes, it's tough keeping track of which note corresponds to which keyword when I'm categorizing a directory full of photos from a trip. The next Pho release (which will have a much shorter release cycle than 0.9.5 did, honest!) will have an optional Keywords dialog where you can type in keywords and associate them with photos. I know there are apps such as f-spot, gthumb and Picasa, but they all seem much more heavyweight than what I need, and Pho only needs a tiny bit of work to get there.

While I'm working on dialogs, I'm also cleaning up modality: Pho dialogs will now stay visible so they can't get lost behind the image, and the question dialog ("Really delete?" or "Do you want to quit?" will be modal.

But that's all coming in the next version. For now, 0.9.5 is the stable version: get it from the Pho page.

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