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Sun, 10 Oct 2004

Pho 0.9.5-pre3: evil Metacity window sizing

It turns out that the problem with pho windows not resizing in metacity is this: when metacity sees a window that's slightly larger (in either dimension) than the screen size, it unilaterally makes that window maximized, and thereafter refuses any request from the app to resize the window smaller.

Mandatory maximize might actually be useful in some circumstances (anyone who's ever tried to run on an 800x600 laptop has doubtless seen dialogs which don't fit on the screen) but the subsequent refusal to resize makes little sense, and causes bustage in programs which work fine under other window managers.

A workaround is for pho to unmaximize before any window resize. This would be a bummer with an app where the user might click the maximize button manually; with pho, that's unlikely (I hope) because anyone who wants to run maximized is better off running in fullscreen/presentation mode (which now finally sets its background to black, hooray).

Get'cher Pho 0.9.5-pre3 here.

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