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Thu, 28 Jan 2010

On Linux Planet: a simple Poker game in Python-Qt

[Poker game in py-qt] I've written in the past about Python GUI programming using the GTK and Tk toolkits, and several KDE fans felt that I was slighting the much nicer looking Qt.

So my latest article on Linux Planet, Make Pretty GUI Apps Fast with Python-Qt, shows how to develop a little poker game using the python-qt toolkit.

I didn't want to dwell on it in the article (and didn't have space anyway), but pyqt turned out to be a bit of a pain. There's no official documentation -- or at least nothing that's obviously official -- and a lot of the examples on google are out of date because of API changes. None of the tutorial examples explain much, and they never demonstrate the practical features I'd want to do in a real app. It was surprisingly hard to come up with an application idea that worked well, looked good and was still easy to explain.

And don't get me started on this whole "Slots and signals are revolutionarily different even though they look just like the callbacks every other toolkit has used for the last three decades" meme. I'm sure there is a subtle technical difference -- but if there's a difference that matters to the average UI programmer, their documentation sure doesn't make it clear.

All that aside, PyQt (and Qt in general) does produce very pretty apps and is worth trying for that reason.

[spade] [diamond] [club] [heart]

The suit images in the article are adapted from some suits I found on Wikimedia Commons (the "Naipe" set). I wanted them to look more 3-dimensional, so I applied my blobipy GIMP script as well as scaling and resizing them. I really liked those shiny-looking Tango heart and spade emblems (also on the Wikimedia Commons page) but I couldn't find a diamond or club to match.

The poker program I wrote has menus and a second round of dealing, where you can mark off the cards you want to keep. I couldn't fit all that in a 700-word article, but the complete program is available here: qpoker.py or you can get it in a tarball along with the suit images at qpoker.tar.gz.

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