New "Amabot" Phishing Scam Spoofing Amazon (Shallow Thoughts)

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Tue, 24 Oct 2006

New "Amabot" Phishing Scam Spoofing Amazon

I get tons of phishing scam emails spoofing Amazon. You know, the ones that say "Your Amazon account may have been compromised: please click here to log in and verify your identity", and if you look at the link, it goes to instead of I get lots of similar phishing emails spoofing ebay and various banks.

But yesterday's was different. The URL was this:

Check it out: they're actually using, and Amazon has a 'bot called amabot that redirects you to somewhere else. Try this, for example: -- you start on Amazon's site and end up at Barnes & Noble.

When a family member got tricked by a phish email a few months ago (fortunately she became suspicious and stopped before revealing anything important) I gave her a quick lesson in how URLs work and how to recognize the host part. "If the host part isn't what you think it should be, it's probably a scam," I told her. That's pretty much the same as what Amazon says (#6 on their "Identifying Phishing or Spoofed E-mails" page). I guess now I need to teach her how to notice that there's another URL embedded in the original one, even when the original one goes to the right place. That's a bit more advanced. I suspect a lot of anti-phishing software uses the same technique and wouldn't have flagged this URL.

I reported the phish to Amazon (so far, just an automated reply, but it hasn't been very long). I hope they look into this use of their amabot and consider whether such a major phishing target really needs a 'bot that can redirect anywhere on the net.

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