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Mon, 04 Sep 2006

Internet Explorer under WINE

I've been updating some web pages with tricky JavaScript and CSS, and testing to see if they work in IE (which they never do) is a hassle involving a lot of pestering of long suffering friends.

I've always heard people talk about how difficult it is to get IE working on Linux under WINE. It works in Crossover Office (which is a good excuse to get Crossover: the company, Codeweavers, is a good open source citizen and has contributed lots of work to WINE, and I've bought from them in the past) but most people who try installing IE under regular WINE seem to have problems.

Today someone pointed me to IEs 4 Linux. It's a script that downloads IE and installs it under WINE. You need wine and cabextract installed. I was sure it couldn't be that simple, but it seemed easy enough to try.

It works great! Asked me a couple of questions, downloaded IE, installed it, gave me an easy-to-run link in ~/bin, and it runs fine. Now I can test my pages myself without pestering my friends. Good stuff!

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