Article: Building Your Own Linux Kernel, Part I (Shallow Thoughts)

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Fri, 25 Sep 2009

Article: Building Your Own Linux Kernel, Part I

My latest article is up on Linux Planet: Building Your Own Linux Kernel, Part I.

"But aren't there a gazillion howtos already on the web on kernel building?" I thought so too. But when someone showed up on LinuxChix recently asking for help building her kernel, I went looking -- and all the howtos I could find were out of date (even the README in the very latest kernel gives instructions based on LILO, not GRUB).

More important, none of them offered help in that all-important question: How do I start with a configuration file I know will work?

My quick-and-dirty howto shows you how to take your distro's configuration file and build the latest mainstream kernel based on it. The next article will cover how to change that configuration and tune it for your own machine.

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