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Tue, 18 Jul 2006


I got slashdotted yesterday -- a positive Slashdot book review of Beginning GIMP. Hooray!

The comments were mostly the usual mix of flames from Photoshop users saying "GIMP sucks because it isn't like Photoshop", with hardly anything about the book; no surprise there. I don't know why Photoshop users seem so compelled to attack the GIMP, but obviously they do since this happens so often. They don't seem to be willing to accept "Some people like one style of user interface, other people like another style, and a highly complex application like GIMP or Photoshop is going to take some time to learn no matter how it's designed."

Slashdot linked to Barnes & Noble rather than Amazon, which is understandable since BN has a killer 40% off sale in progress on Apress books (they have

at $26.99 for BN members, $29.99 otherwise).

Apress also pointed me toward a couple other reviews that I hadn't seen yet, so I created a review page to link to them.

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