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Mon, 20 Jun 2005

GIMP Menu Reorganization

I'm working with the GIMP developers to do some minor reorganization of some of the menus.

In particular, we wanted to get things like script-fu and python-fu out of the menus so users don't have to know what language a function is written in to use it.

That part of the patch (for the image window; the Toolbox Xtns menu reorganization is still pending) got checked in a few days ago. Sven is now soliciting comments on the next step on his Planet Gnome blog. The proposal for the next step is in bug 116145. There haven't been many comments; I encourage anyone interested in GIMP's menus to read that bug and comment in it.

The Toolbox Xtns menu reorganization is a bit more complicated, since there are two conflicting proposals, in bug 145507 and bug 158980. I tried to suggest just moving stuff out of the Script-Fu menu for now, since there's no agreement on further changes yet, but that went over like a lead balloon.

So it's back to the image window's Filters menu. If there aren't any comments in a few more days I'll just go ahead with the proposal in the bug.

Maybe I'll even get to use my shiny new CVS access to check the changes in myself. Woo!

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