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Thu, 23 Nov 2006

GIMP JPEG 2000 Plug-In

People keep showing up on GIMP's IRC channels and asking about JPEG 2000 support. There was a Summer of Code "Wavelet" project last summer which implemented JPEG 2000 support (among other things) but no one ever seems to know where to find it.

So I asked Simon, who was the mentor for that project. Turns out he had tarballs, but didn't think it was appropriate to link them from his own site, especially as they were somewhat tricky to compile.

The consensus among the developers was that it would be nice to have jp2 and the other wavelet plug-ins available on the GIMP Plug-in Registry. So I fiddled with them, fixed a couple of Makefile issues, added READMEs with author credit and building instructions, and uploaded them to the registry. The plug-ins are:

JPEG 2000 support
A noise removal plug-in
Inverse halftoning -- remove halftones from printed images.

I haven't actually used these plug-ins (couldn't find a JPEG2k file to test) -- I just wanted to help make them available for people who need them.

While I was at it I updated my vastly out-of-date registry entries for Pandora and added an entry for my label/business card script.

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