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Thu, 10 Apr 2008

k3b breaks without hal

I burned a CD for the Ubuntu hardy beta alternate installer. I used k3b since that's been a good, fairly reliable burning app with a well designed UI -- I've been using it for years despite not running a KDE desktop. I selected "Burn CD Image", reduced the speed (burning apps are always wildly optimistic about speed, with the result that they create a lot of coasters) and checked the box for "verify contents after burning".

The burn went fine, and k3b ejected the CD, then sucked it back in again for the verification stage. At that point k3b started spewing lots of errors to the terminal, things like "/dev/hdd: READ 10 failed!" and "Failed to init HAL context!" repeated many times.

How annoying! k3b has added a new dependency on hal, and although it can burn a CD just fine, without hal it then forgets where the CD drive was so it can read the CD back in to verify it.

Fortunately dd /dev/cdrw | md5sum worked fine to verify that the burn was correct. I guess it's time to investigate other CD burning programs.

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