Winter Sun and Tuna (Shallow Thoughts)

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Fri, 18 Feb 2005

Winter Sun and Tuna

Lunch in the backyard, in the sun and cool wind
(I wouldn't mind a few more "rainy days" like this!)
celery and tuna salad
(have to eat it outside, a courtesy to d, who dislikes the smell)
flavored with fresh dill from the garden
(a welcome winter volunteer that pushed up next to the geraniums last week)
watching the puffy cumulus clouds billow and grow and change
and threaten to grow into thunderheads, forgetting they're in California now
with a little lenticular stratus tucked inside of one of them
(what's that about?)
The resident phoebe chirps, hunting, while
a lone intrepid bushtit whizzes in from across the street
checks out the guava tree, then the orange tree, then zips off to the bush at the edge of the yard
(never seen a bushtit flying alone before. A bushtit bellwether?)

Far off to the west, a blue balloon flies free,
rising against the billowing clouds.

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