Bluff trip, 2017

An April, 2017 hiking trip to Bluff, UT, with the Wednesday Irregulars, mostly hiking to ruins and petroglyphs on and around Comb Ridge and Cedar Mesa.

I've included GPX files (click on the map image at the end of each set of photos), because I found it surprisingly difficult to find coordinates or good maps for a lot of these places.

Silly song: Goodbye, Colo Plateau

Photos from other people on the trip:

George Lawrence:
Around Recapture LodgeApril 10, Procession PanelApril 10, Split-Level and Ridge-Top RuinsApril 11, The CitadelApril 11, Road Canyon Seven KivasApril 12, Natural Bridges Loop TrailApril 13, South Fork Mule Canyon

Previous Wednesday Irregulars trips:

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