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Wed, 11 Jul 2012

Disregard this fitness claim!

[Sketchers self-contradictory advertising] I noticed this oddly self-contradictory message on a box in a shoe store.

It says:

The key to Shape-ups LIV by Sketchers is the diagonally curved bottom. It helps guide you back to the body's barefoot stride.


Doesn't the second paragraph contradict and cancel out the first one?

I was curious, so I did a little poking around. But all I found was accounts of Sketchers being pressured to pull an advertisement aimed at teen girls, in which it makes different claims regarding a different Shape-up shoe. Supposedly the advertiser was also putting stickers on shoeboxes saying "Disregard all fitness benefit claims."

But the box I was reading was an adult shoe, unrelated to the teen advertising cartoons, and the sign isn't a sticker -- it's part of the printing on the box.

So it's a mystery. To be honest, I was already primed to disregard any fitness claims I read on the front of a shoebox. But I guess it's glad that the company uses valuable advertising space to remind everyone to discount the company's own claims.

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