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Sun, 04 Dec 2022

Door Bunny

[Door Bunny] I've been down for a week with the Flu from Hell that's going around.

We think it's flu because the symptoms match, and because I got knocked out by it, while Dave caught a much milder case — and Dave got the double-dose-for-seniors flu shot, while I only got the regular-for-younger-folks shot. (Our COVID tests are negative and there's no anosmia or breathing impairment.)

So I haven't been getting much done lately, nor writing blog articles. But I'm feeling a bit better now. While I recover, here's something from a few months ago: our annual autumn visit from the Door Bunny.

Dave first noticed this shadow a year or two ago: a person in a ball cap (perhaps Dave himself), holding a rabbit.

It only happens for a few days on fall evenings, when the setting sun is just right. (Which implies that there should also be a spring Easter Door Bunny, but somehow we've never noticed it in spring.)

Alas, this photo, from last September, shows our last visit from the Door Bunny. The shadow was thrown by Dave's Kawasaki Z125, a wonderful little mini-motorcycle that lived on the front porch when it wasn't zipping around White Rock and Los Alamos. We had a lot of fun with the Z125 for years, and it was a terrific vehicle for errand-running around town; but lately we've been using the ebikes for that, either the Lectrics or the Jackrabbits, and there didn't seem to be much need for a gas-burner, so the Z125 has moved to a new home.

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